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Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Website, illustration


"Beat" is a concept project. A Hip-hop themed restaurant that contains logo, packaging, identity, website, and some collaterals designs.

"Beat" 是一个概念设计项目。一个主题为嘻哈文化的餐厅,包含了Logo设计​、包装设计、品牌视觉识别设计、网页设计和一些周边产品设计。

Packaging Design


Menu Design - DJ turntable

菜单设计 - DJ台

Take out Boxes



Take out Bag - Boombox

​外带袋 - 街头音响

Tag - Chain Necklace

标签 - 项链



Website /  App design

Identity Design



More Packaging Design


Nutrition Packaging Design


Rave Pack


Liquor Packaging Design - Concept

鸡尾酒包装设计 - 概念


​Death Bomb

Product / Packaging Design - Concept

产品 / 包装设计 -  概念


Go Recycle

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