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Embroidery - Phoenix wears Peony

Product Design, Pattern Design, Packaging Design


Phoenix & peony patterned embroidery had a very long history in Chinese culture. "In ancient legends," phoenix "is the king of birds, symbolizing auspiciousness, and" Peony "is the king of flowers, representing wealth. The combination of the two forms the auspicious pattern" Phoenix wears peony " "Phoenix wears peony and also makes phoenix play peony. It implies that wealth and honor always exist, and glory always exists. It symbolizes beauty, light and happiness, as well as love. It is a festive element of folk blessing marriage and love."

By modernizing the Phoenix & Peony with making all the shapes geometric and abstract, to fulfill more our current consumer which is the young generation who loves the traditional culture but in a modern way of visual.

“在古代传说中, “凤”为鸟中之王,象征祥瑞, “牡丹”为花中之王,代表富贵, 二者结合在一起, 就组成了大家喜闻乐见的吉祥图纹“凤穿牡丹”; 凤穿牡丹,也作凤戏牡丹, 寓意富贵常在,荣华永驻, 象征着美好、光明和幸福, 也象征着爱情,是民间祝福婚恋的喜庆元素。”


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