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Ruoxue Wang

 Graphic Designer,Illustrator


Based in Beijing China

Hello! If you don't know how to pronounce my first name. It sounds like Rua Shu-eh. If you still can't say it, Amy is fine instead.


I enjoy design, illustrate as much as watch a movie, dance a favorite song, or be in a relationship with someone I love. Just like these things above, it’s actually harder if we dive into it. The process of creation is never easy, but I always push myself over the comfort limit and finally achieve something that I’m satisfied and happy with. Every project is not only a challenge to my creativity but also a challenge to myself as continually been a brave, positive, responsible and never-give-up person. 


Here’s more information on a more professional me! Feel free to contact for job/  freelance opportunities.

Selected Clients


时代出版社 财金杂志 Time inc. Money Magazine

中国移动 China Mobile Communication Corporation

​国家体育总局 General Administration of Sport of China


​美国MET LIFE 大都会人寿

清华大学艺术博物馆 Tsinghua University


北京 小炮儿炙子烤肉 Beijing bbq

中美国际 China USA International

美国费城天普大学Temple University

关于火锅 About Hotpot

欧厨 European Kitchen 

SeeSaw Video surveillance

纽约法拉盛街舞工作室Takalaland Dance Studio

Mr. 8 Cafe

Rave Pack


Media Featuring,Publish

Latest Exhibitions



Individual Artist show (Main Artist)

个人艺术家展览 (主艺术家)

North bowl, Philadelphia


Student Annual Show


Temple University, Philadelphia


Senior Packaging Show


Temple University, Philadelphia


Love Show

“爱” 展览

Temple University, Philadelphia


Restaurant Show


Temple University, Philadelphia

Brand Magazine - 2019

Favorite design - 2019

Packaging of the world - 2018, 2019

Circle Magazine - 2019





Wechat: 20595413



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