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Philadelphia Local Non-Profit Program Posters

Poster Design

This is a series of posters that reveals the process of how each of these Philly local non-profit programs  works to help people.


A local program that makes food for people who got cancer, this illustration shows the process of them make, sort, pack and send the food.

Project home

A local program that provides home and shelters to homeless. The illustration shows the process of them finding homeless people and how they approach to them and eventually provides them a place to live and maybe some educations.


A local program that gathers fresh food from different resources and hand to people in hunger. 

More Poster Designs


Toms One for One

​Toms鞋一对一 - 公益系列海报​设计


Poster Series Design


Yo It's Funky It's Free Dance Battle


Dance Battle Poster Design

Underground Concert


Poster Series Design

More Illustration Work


Travel Brochure - Nanjing

旅游手册 - 南京


Illustration, Layout Design

“56” 全系第一毕设



Logo, Illustration,
Layout Design, Website, VI

"Go Recycle" 多次获奖作品


Illustration, Product Design, Packaging Design

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